Why Sakti V9

SAKTI V9 is the winning step you need to keep ahead of your competitors


Moving at the Speed of "Small Business"


SAKTI V9 (an upgrade of our SAKTI 2000 version) brings you the power of information data analysis and info management of a big business with quick response and flexibility of a small business. This fully integrated system not only saves your time and money, but also enables you to make strategic decision in a snap.


More than just your usual Trading & Distribution solution, SAKTI V9 actually links all business transaction modules to the Inventory database and Accounting system. When sales/transaction is made at your Front Office, the data will automatically update the corresponding modules at the Back Office.


SAKTI V9 is so well designed that it is perfect for mid/large companies with multiple branch office, multiple location, even for overseas branch.




Key Benefits:

  • More Profit, Less Cost – Minimize operational cost by automating Sales, Inventory and Purchasing process. No more double data entry or calculation mistakes. SAKTI V9 takes over all the administrative works so your sales representative can focus more on the actual "selling" and increase profitability.


  • Shorten sales cycle – with real-time access to information such as inventory, credit history, etc., sales representatives can easily close deals by producing quick and accurate sales quote to clients.


  • Create a Winning Inventory & Distribution Management - SAKTI V9 allows you to make faster and more accurate decisions on distribution management. By tracking and monitoring sales and inventory cycle, you can accurately distribute the inventory to meet specific demand levels for a specific area With all data at your fingertips, you can easily analyze all aspects of your operations – from sales cycle, warehouse management, to supplier relationship.


  • Inventory Control– update accurate inventory in a matter of seconds. SAKTI V9 enhances the accuracy of inventory data that let you ensure on-time delivery to clients.


  • Great Flexibility & Ease of Use– Flexible customization capability to suit your business needs complimented with user-friendly interface and design.


Strong Added Value :



As a decision maker, you certainly need the reliability of FAST, ACCURATE & ACCURATE reports and analysis. SAKTI V9 iis developed with the concept of "real time on-line journal", so it can generate reports and analysis that supports the EIS / DSS (Executive Information System / Decision Support System) anytime.



With the strength of recalculate inventory value function, you can easily find out the value of inventory based on actual purchase value, making it easier in deciding the sales value of a product to make it become more competitive.



Stock is one of the most important corporate assets to be managed. Too many stocks or too little stock, or even empty, is not an appropriate condition for your company to face the competitors. As the management, you should always know firsthand the condition of your stock.



To determine the most appropriate sales strategy in each business area, you require up to data to take a decision. Sales analysis can be done from various aspects, such as which customers contribute to the largest margin for the company, which 10 top-selling product is sold, which salesman gives the most optimal performance, etc. All these information can be obtained easily by using SAKTI V9 software.



Accuracy of delivery is one of the leading factors that could boost your sales. SAKTI V9 can help to monitor the lead time of delivery order, so your company can improve customer satisfaction.


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