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PT Focus Distribusi Indonesia agroup of company as the sole distributor of a wide range of household products, such as Tropical Cooking Oil, Margarine Forvita, various personal care items such as eg Shinzui Skin Lightening, Active Antibacterial Soap, Olive Soap New Sahara, Cool Man Perfume and others. This company is handling more than 400 distributors spread across Indonesia, both modern and traditional market. They implement SAKTI V9 to handle their operation serving more than 400 distributors all over Indonesia with a real time on line on cloud computing.





Auto Nusa Abadi is an authorized dealer of Toyota brand for Eastern Indonesia. SAKTI V9 help Auto Nusa SaktiAbadi V9 to handle their business processes from the front office to the back office operation in a complete and integrated system, so that all business processes Auto Nusa Abadi can be run efficiently and effectively, including all operation and financial reporting all in paperless.



BKP is a renowned enterprise in producing various end result from crude palm oil,  including Tropical Cooking Oil, Forvita Margarine, Shinzui Beauty Soap and various other beauty products. BKP utilize SAKTI V9 for their day to day operations of the company starting from the procurement of raw materials to the sale, as well as all of their  accounting processes.




PT Essence Indonesia is an affiliate company of IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) producing various types of flavorings and fragrance chemicals. PT Essence Indonesia has being very loyal customers as users for SAKTI V9 product, since they has already implement SAKTI V9 since 1995.



PT Fuji Technica Indonesia is a Japanese company operating in Indonesia, which is specially made molds for casting engine and vehicle bodies for cars. The company work for a lot of various car moulding projects for a variety of vehicles and car manufacturer. PT Fuji Technica Indonesia using SAKTI V9 for their procurement, inventory up to accounting processes.



PT Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia (TCPI) is one of biggest electronics conglomerate from Japan, which produces a variety of TV, air conditioner, refrigerator and other household products, both for domestic and export markets. SAKTI V9 has helped the back office of TCPI and become one of the business applications that help TCPI, both in the conduct of the administrative process and generate financial reports that are useful for the executive management of PT TCPI.




Indonesia Wacoal Company Limited is a welknown in manufacturing that manufactures a variety of lingeries and clothes for women with thousands of models. This company has been using SAKTI V9 Way since 2007 for their business operation, including finance and accounting processes.



GalicArthaBahari is a producer of breeding of seaweed and carrageenan products for the basic of such gel industry, gelatin and other related end product. GalicArtha has been using SAKTI V9 since 2000 until now.



Muroco is a manufacturing company that produces plywood and vinyl. The company is using V09 Way to handle all business processes ranging from sales, procurement (purchasing) to inventory control and back office accounting.




Dwipa kencana is a special garment company produces and sells clothing with their famous trade Batik "Parang Kencana" which is very popular among the middle and upper class. SAKTI V9 used by this companies in complete integrated module, starting from Point Of Sales (POS) module which is directly integrated with the back office modules in real-time online.



Libra Food is a company which imports a variety of  renowned food and beverage, among others Lakewood Organic, Lowan, Peacock, FremoMerba, Kettle, Melvados, Johnson Ville, Takumi, Melvados, Tyrrell's, Prime test, Snyder's, Sangaria, etc.. SAKTI V9 helps the whole process of financial and accounting in this company since 2010.



Advics Indonesia is a trading company and distribution of automotive spare parts for top brands (Toyota / Astra). They use SAKTI V9 since 2005 for the overall business process of the company, ranging from sales (order entry) to inventory and purchasing arrangements.



PT Subur Mandiri Sejahtera is a trading company and retail sales for the middle and upper class furniture with MOEI trademarkThis company has entrusted the entire business process to SAKTI V9 since 2000, which until now remains a good business and a powerful tool to support the company's business processes.


PT Samudera Puranabile Abadi serve the maintenance, repair and having an integrated ship building site. This company is located in the eastern part of Indonesia in the city of Bitung - North Sulawesi (Manado). They use SAKTI V9 to  help the entire business process of the company, ranging from the handling of sales, inventory for a wide range of spare parts used, the purchase of goods, up to accounting and financial processes.



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